(Allergan’s Botox®)


A safe, effective, curative and preventative aesthetic treatment for facial lines. Rejuvenate your look. Feel good.

Regain your confidence and enhance your natural beauty. Create a healthy, fresher, more radiant look with Botox®.

We use Botox to improve and soften the appearance of forehead lines, frown lines, “crow’s feet”, “11 lines”, and prominent jaw reduction. It creates a softer, rejuvenated overall look, helping you regain your confidence.

We want to get you back to feeling your best self. Our aesthetic treatments are safe, effective and discreet. Our expert practitioners offer a patient-led approach that ensures that you are fully informed and supported throughout the process to achieve an optimum aesthetic outcome.

Botox® is administered to the desired area in tiny amounts using a fine needle. It’s a relatively short treatment (20 minutes average), and takes 1-2 weeks to affect the muscle in the targeted areas. By relaxing the muscles, the skin becomes smooth and unwrinkled, resulting in an overall softer, fresher look.

Botox® is a highly purified naturally occurring protein complex that has been thoroughly researched, tested and used cosmetically for over twenty six years.

As a wrinkle-reducing treatment, Botox® is a fantastic and effective alternative to invasive surgical procedures such as face and eye lifts. Our highly skilled and experienced aestheticians will ensure you achieve a fresh, rejuvenated look. You will feel energised again, confident in your own skin.

** After approximately 3-4 months, muscle activity will become noticeable, and you may decide to have a follow-up appointment.



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(Allergan’s Botox®)

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