ERG – Energize,
Rejuvenate and Glow Package


We have put together a skin treatment package which applies a combination of treatments to achieve the best results.

This energizing and rejuvenating set of treatments will leave you full of life and your skin full of vitality.

What’s involved?

    1. After an initial consultation, a specific product range will be recommended for you to best address your individual skin care needs.
    2. Next, a cleansing wash will be applied to your skin. This will be followed by bespoke measures for each individual client, with our exclusive Plasma Shower and Trans Derma Delivery System. This addresses the deepest layer of your skin which is where things happen to change and radically improve the condition of the skin.
    3. We then use our brand new Celluma LED Light Therapy treatment, from the USA. This doesn’t just rejuvenate by charging the cells of the lower layers of skin but it can also heal and soothe discomfort within the tissue layers.
    4. Finally, we offer you to relax within the clinic with a specially selected herbal tea.

Treatment time: 45 -60 mins.



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Energize, Rejuvenate
and Glow Package

ERG Treatment Package £90

Sometimes, the best results are achieved by a combination of treatments.


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