Plasma BT Treatments


The Canmore Clinic offers the only Plasma BT treatments in Fife. Our Plasma BT treatment device is CE and FDA approved.

There are two modalities of Plasma delivery with the Plasma BT machine, these are:

Plasma Surgical (otherwise known as plasma sublimination or soft surgery).

We found a gap in our treatments for lax skin on the upper and lower eyelids. After trials and research, we have found that the Plasma BT offers our clients an excellent option. Botox and dermal fillers can only do so much before surgery is the better decision. However, that is a big step.

Plasma BT is that middle ground. We have been offering non-surgical upper and lower blepharoplasty (upper and lower eyelid tightening and rejuvenation) since early 2017. The Plasma technology goes much further with its treatment options.

Some of the fantastic benefits of using this technology are:

      • Treatment for hooding of the upper eyelids
      • Treatment for Eye bags under the eyes
      • Crow’s feet reduction – Fine lines radiating from the eyes. A botox free option.
      • Peri oral line reduction – Lines around the mouth, often called “smokers lines”
      • Skin tag removal – A gentler option than a scalpel. The mode of action of the plasma treatment involves cauterisation of the tissue. It seals through heat which means no bleeding afterwards, unlike a sharp scalpel, where the tissue can take a lengthier time to heal.
      • Milia removal
      • Acne scarring
      • Tattoo removal

Plasma Shower

The plasma shower is plasma showered onto the surface of the skin.

 Benefits of treatment are:

      • Destroys bacteria on the skin and within pores. Sterilising the skin is excellent for inflammation and acne.
      • Trans Dermal Delivery System (TDDS). Plasma aids absorption. This means more effectiveness of creams and serums used within the clinic. *Please see Cytocare.
      • Plasma shower increases collagen, elastin and skin cell production. It tightens, and it improves skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles.

What is Plasma?

Plasma is generated when the atmospheric gas between the instrument tip and the skin is ionised, creating an electrical arc—described as “radiant matter” (Sir William Crooksin, 1879) and subsequently a “cathode ray” (Sir. J.J. Thompson, 1897).

Like most medical technologies, advancements are made over time. We are bringing you the most advanced cutting-edge patented Plasma technology to date at the Canmore Clinic. There are previous systems that are not as accurate, advanced, patented or as safe as the Plasma BT system.

 How many states of matter are there?

Plasmas are often forgotten as the 4th state of matter after solid, liquid and gas.

Plasma is a hot ionised gas consisting of approximately equal numbers of positively charged ions and negatively charged electrons. The Plasma BT system uses atmospheric pressure to create two modalities of plasma delivery. The Plasma Surgical (plasma sublimation or soft surgery) and Plasma Shower. 

Turning back time with Plasma technology is just one outcome of treatment. Others include rejuvenation, tattoo removal, acne treatment, scar healing, redness and inflammatory response, skin tag removal, TDDS, increased absorption of serums and creams, reduction in fine lines, stretch mark removal as well as many others.

For more information about this exciting technology and treatment, book your complimentary consultation for existing clients and a refundable deposit consultation for all new clients.

Further information on Plasma

Plasma is one of the four fundamental states of matter as described by chemist Irving Langmuir in the 1920s. Unlike the other three states, solid, liquid and gas, plasma does not exist freely on Earth’s surface under normal conditions.

Plasma can only be artificially generated by heating or subjecting a neutral gas to a strong electromagnetic field. It must reach the point where an ionised gaseous substance becomes increasingly electrically conductive, and long-range electromagnetic fields dominate the behaviour of the matter.

Shortlisted for “My Face; My Body” award for ” Most innovative aesthetic treatment of 2016″



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BT Plasma

Upper Eyelids £350.00
(upper blepharoplasty)

Lower Eyelids £350.00
(lower blepharoplasty)

Combined eyelids £500.00
(upper and lower blepharoplasty)

Perioral Lines £260.00

Plasma Shower £70.00

Skin Tag Removal (x 1) £120.00

Further skin tag removal +£30.00 for each
(same appointment)


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