A safe and effective treatment that stimulates four types of collagen and elastin within in your skin.

Profhilo will help you feel refreshed and confident; it will lift, tighten and revitalise your skin.

Profhilo is used to stimulate collagen and elastin within your skin, making it a perfect alternative to the gel-like substance of dermal filler. It is ideal for a natural, refreshed look and feeling back to your best.

We want to get you back to feeling your best self. Our aesthetic treatments are safe, effective and discreet. Our expert practitioners offer a patient-led approach that ensures you are fully informed and supported throughout the process to achieve an optimum aesthetic outcome.

Profhilo is a biostimulater, or biorevitaliser that is injected into specific locations of the face, back of the hands, neck or decolletage. With it’s impressive concentration of hyaluronic acid (64mg / 2ml) it stimulates four different types of collagen and elastin within your skin. 

The results show a significant improvement in the dermis and epidermis tissue as well as additional tightening and lifting effects.

How we work with Profhilo

Profhilo is administered to the desired area in tiny amounts using a fine needle in bolus form. Each bolus spans out to the verges of where the other boluses injected are meeting, resulting in the targeted areas of skin having a river-like flow of hyaluronic acid within it.

Profhilo is a fantastic and effective alternative to dermal filler. Our highly skilled and experienced aestheticians will ensure you achieve a rejuvenated look. You will feel refreshed and confident in your own skin.



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First treatment £250.00

Following treatments £200.00


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